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Hudson Greens is changing the wellness landscape with its utilization of a team of seasoned doctors and chemists to create a transparent brand of rigorously tested, organic and pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. Hudson Greens is founded on the integrity of its supply chain. Placing quality at the forefront, Hudson Greens spares no expense to stand behind its products.

We are a New York-based wellness company founded by health-conscious consumers. Realizing the unregulated nature of the CBD market and the need for clean, consistent, and transparent CBD products, we decided to redefine industry standards by creating the first-ever CBD wellness brand focused on the integrity of our supply chain – from seed to bottle. We are founded on the principle that one's health is his or her only irreplaceable asset and, therefore, should be treated with the utmost care. Offering full-spectrum organic hemp products that are clean and green certified and a pharmaceutical-grade facility, we strive to be the most trusted CBD brand on the market, ensuring that all customers and loved ones are not exposed to containments and other harmful ingredients with extensive testing and 3rd party re-testing.


In the rapidly growing, unregulated industry, Hudson Greens distinguishes itself through our emphasis on accountability, trust, and transparency and our bullet-proof supply chain. We use a eco-friendly CO2 extraction method that is overseen by a team of seasoned doctors and chemists in a certified pharmaceutical GMP facility. Unlike other CBD companies, our business model is not premised on the wholesale purchase of bulk or finished products; instead, we control and create our products from seed to bottle. 

To accomplish the cumbersome task of complete supply chain control, we invested in several verticals within the industry. This allows us to build a comprehensive, holistic understanding of the entire market, including inefficiencies and areas in need of more attention and education. Ultimately, this led us to launch trusted CBD products created from only the highest-quality, organic ingredients. 

Our Mission

We are changing the wellness landscape with our utilization of a team of seasoned doctors and chemists to create a transparent brand of rigorously tested, organic and pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. Our company is founded on the integrity of our supply chain- from seed to bottle. We place quality at the forefront and spare no expense to stand behind our products.

Why Hudson Greens?

We utilize a sophisticated, eco-friendly production process, incorporating supercritical CO2 extraction and liquid chromatography purification to completely avoid harsh chemical processes and the risk of residual solvents in our finished products, unlike other brands. Each of our products are formulated for specific health applications using cutting edge technology and science to create specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles tailored to the application. Our team of seasoned doctors and chemists are an integral part of our products. We are making strides in setting industry standards for purity, quality, lab-testing and consistency. We aim to be the trusted brand in the industry through our educational and transparent approach. Health decisions are difficult. We’re here to make CBD simple and honest.

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